I began my woodworking journey over 30 years ago with a table saw purchased at a garage sale for $100.

From my point of view, as a woodworker, I think that creativity is a gift and reflection in a human’s nature. I’m fascinated and inspired by the incredible complexity in burls of wood as well as the way it feels and smells.

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I apply many techniques before a new piece is created. To roughly shape the wood I use a chainsaw to balance the weight before using traditional turning tools once I attach the log on the lathe. I love working with hand tools, I am obsessed with balance and precision.

My desire is to create modest and natural objects that are pleasing to the eye. I like to see organic simplicity and natural edges. Carving, sculpting, and inlays of other elements such as crude stone, fossils, metal, copper, mother of pearl, all make my pieces stand apart from anything you’ve ever seen.

When I cut lumber for rocking chairs or furniture, start turning, building guitars or even carving out of driftwood, it always takes my breath away, upon completion. I see the dramatic transformation that I have created, which gives me expression of freedom and further inspiration.

Wood is a responsive material, distinctive and expressive: wood tells its own story. Ideas and inspiration are everywhere.

I love to paint, cook and bake fresh bread. I love gardening and fishing and making my own wine. Look around and let enthusiasm drive your work and love for what you do.

My biggest inspiration has been my Father who built boats in Poland, my first home. Once, I started making my own creations, I found a guide in Sam Maloof.



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